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About us

Patch JacketYou might say patches are an obsession for us. The team at Hellequin Custom Patches have been sourcing, buying, making and selling patches for over 30 years now and we regard our range of patches as the best available.

In these pages you'll find our range of exclusive patches and merchandise as well as our range of sourced patches from some of our favorite bands and artists. 

Hellequin Custom Patches is the brainchild of the people behind Raven Clothing, and started out life as a complementary range for the Raven Clothing Canberra store. Through our contacts we began making and selling patches for many local and international heavy metal and hard rock bands as well as developing an exclusive range of merchandise for Canberra band Armoured Angel.

We have also been fortunate enough to stock some of Australia's best alternative stores.

Our patches can also be found at Alt Cvlt in Melbourne. Our CD and LP releases can be found here as well as Utopia Records in Sydney, Heartland Records and Alt Cvlt in Melbourne . 

If you are interested in stocking our patches, flags, beanies or releases in your store, please send us an email.